Hondata s100?

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I'm a newbie but I have a h22a OBD1 system w/ a stock p13 ecu, and I want to get it tuned at a local dyno here. This motor is going into my 92 Accord. My setup is:
92 JDM H22a v-tec
Aem cam gears
stage 2 flywheel/clutch
throttle rotor
over bored throttle body
Aem intake
Mugen headers 2.5 outlet
cat converter 2.5 inlet/outlet
cat back exhaust, it's on my Accord now and I don't know what size the tubing is
fuel rail
fuel pressure regulator

And I will be adding nitrous. So I was wondering what's better, going with a A'pexi v-afc or the Hondata S100? I was looking at the Hondata website and the S100 is cheaper and it can control more. Any opinions? Thanks