Hondata Stage 3

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I have a question concerning hondata's stage 3 package for a b16Sir.
In their desription they have two changeable rev limiters installed. on is for more controlled launches and the other is called "ful throttle shifting". It drops the rev limit down to around 6000rpm whenever your vehicle is in motion and the clutch is disengaged, but you can keep your throttle smashed to the floor the whole time. I think it's for more controlled shifting, and they say it helps to keep the turbo spooled. Now my question is: will this work with a WOT nitrous oxide system? My concern is what the nitrous will do to my engine if the revs start dropping from 7500rpm to 6000prm with it still engaged?
:worthy: in advance
Is this just a question or are you planning on running nitrous at WOT and turbo at full spool?Just rig some c4 to your motor it will be louder and more fun.J/K I would think you'd want to run the nitrous at the lower rpms to help spool up the turbo,then after that just run boost in the higher rpms.But then again I run neither so,ingore me :D .
no i don't have a turbo.
my question is concerning the use of a wot nitrous kit with the hondata stage 3.
Ok,my bad,I reread it.I am working on finding that out now.I'll get back to you when they respond.But I think it works with your TPS,the Hondata would be telling the car that it isn't quite a WOT so it would cut it off until the clutch disengaged.