Hooking up A'PEXi V-AFC to '89 CRX Si ECU

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Junior Member
Has anyone done this, that can tell me which wires on the '89 CRX Si ECU Harness coincide with the wires for the V-AFC controller. Also, there is a VTEC Solenoid input & output wire, since the ECU doesn't control any VTEC, does that mean the input wire doesn't hook up to anything? Just the output hooks up to the solenoid?

Thanks for the help in advance!
there is a "VAFC" for non vtec cars, forgot the name of it, i think it is called SAFC or something like that.
I'm sure you can do it but I don't know the layout of the ecu plugs.Besides I've never hooked one up,waiting till I had a reason to buy one.If they hook up through the ecu then get a diagram of the pins from the car the vafc is for and one from the motor you have in there and compare em to see what lines up and what you have,if anything,to b/s.