Hooking Up Vtec In 91 Civic

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I have a 1990 honda civic SI with a 1996 honda civic ex VTEC-E engine. I am still using my factory wiring harness and everything runs but no vtec. I was thinking about mounting a activator switch by the throttle body and hooking one side to seloniod and one side to direct power so when the car hits 3000rpm it kicks ON......TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK or if there is a better way to do it???????? Thanks Alot!! :ph34r:
goto www.hybyid.honda-per.org, then to the Honda pade and look under archives for 4g swaps and under the 92-95 sohc vtec engine they have a great way of doing it. Should be the same for your engine.
It uses either a rpm activation switch or even a simple shift light.