hot civic girl

im not sure what u mean by that, eric, but what i meant seems like no woman is hot enough for some of these guys. i hope i never get like that.


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lol i meant nobody could cockblock me, i have my gf and nobody could take her away from me. and yes, i'm VERY FUCKING picky also, i just found the right one. she's not hot, she's beautiful, there is a great distinction, and i don't like hot..


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aem cam sprokets
type r cam gears
chrome valve cover

I found these amusing.
Her face wasn't bad. With breasts like that and as long as she is cool (not brain dead or stuck up etc.) she could be hot, depends on what she is like.


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dude i want a Paul Reed Smith guitar...she was a cutie but you know she is only into this shit because her boyfriend is...
I hate chicks like that.