How Do I Take A Shortshifter Out

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my short shifter is stuck in my shiftlinkage . i unbolted the bottom bolt and tryed to get it out. the top ball is in the bushing good. is there a trick to get this out of the linkage i dont know about. also ive posted in another forum and appolijize but didnt realize wrong forum. thanks
Relax, just like you didn't bother to read the forum, I didn't bother to read your post.

Have you removed the bolt that clamps the shifter into the change extension?
Un-bolt the linkage from the tranny so you can pull it out of the bushing if you having problems.
According to the Helms manual for the 93 Integra there is a small plate bolted to the change extension that holds the shift lever dust seal and the shift lever ball seat in place. Once you remove that plate (I believe that it is a 10mm self locking nut) you should be able to get the shift out.
thanks for the help, i ended up figureing it out. there is a clip that holds it all together. once removed w/ needle nose pliers. i was able to hit it out of the linkage. wrked out great. thanks again