How do you guys feel about salvage title?


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AS the "TITLE" says, specifically in california..........

Basicly theres an SI blue 95 GSR with 82k on the motor, grey leather in fair to good condition, with a 98+ bumper conversion, minor paint flaws on the back bumper, ground conrtols, on stealies with caps for 7.5k out the door But i dont think i am willing to go past 7k out the door either way is it worth it?

Ps. It also has a DC header, some kinda cat back (didint check) and nolagy wires

"not that i give a shit about this crap im just filling you in"


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i'd pass- the kbb on that car stock is only about 5 grand- i don't think a set of coilovers, header and cat-back are worth 2500 dollars- but that's my opinion

PLUS it's got a salvage title :thumbsdown:


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personaly the coild overs and shit should be in the list of parts "i could give a shit about"

whats the big down sides to a salvage title? The way i see it a cleen rolling chassis gos for 3k a low mile C1 would go for about 3k then if you add all the other crap up like new brakes tire's the leather and all the little bells and whistles they add up to at least another 1k, by the time im ready to sell this thing i figure the title wont matter, it would only be worth what the condition of the parts/car are in. Am i wrong in coming to that conclusion?


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i dont think id pay more than 4k for that car

you have to understand that cars with salvage titles have been completely destroyed at one point...and the cost to repair it is more than what the car is worth, so to make any money out of the deal the person repairing the car usually half-asses it to save a few bucks, then they can sell the car to someone and make some money

parts wont fit well, hood/fenders wont align well, aftermarket shit may not line up, even if you cant see on first glance, they are still there

not only that, your resale value goes way down with a salvage title

i purchased my last car, it had a salvage title, and i had the same mind set as you "bah salvage title is only a piece of paper, the car looks great"

its not like that at all...2 months later i was kicking myself for buying the car...get a car with a clean title me- unless you dont mind having fenders that dont align, headlights that are off and will never align properly, etc


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The car was not wrecked. And they dont have to be to get the title "salavge title" the insurance company can give you that options with an integra just buy your front leather geting stolen, they cost 900$ from the factory, and the insurance places have offered people the option of total loss/salvage title over reparing the damage specifically because of that so just stolen leather can make a salvage title. And all the parts fit clean and i even met the mechanic he certified and is actulay really good from what i saw.

And the guy i am dealing with is really truly pretty cool and there was even an old jap family that came in a son, father, and grand father, there family had purchesd 8 cars threw this guy, and this was the first place he took one of his fammily members when they hat come here and needed a car.


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well, it sounds like youre set on buying it

you'd be a madman to pay 7k for a car with a salvage title, that has a book value of 5k

aftermarket parts arent really gonna add too much to the value either

offer him 3500 and explain that his car has a salvage title and the book is 5k

if he wont take it, just keep will find a clear title stock gsr for 4500-5k


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No not set, but i wont be fed lines about a cars body that no ones seen, or about a mechanic that i was actuly impressed by.

I did really just want your guys opinion's. But i will admit the Si blue and the grey leather just about sold me along with the engine just looking super clean

And the engine alone in this car is worth/selling for about 3k so i dont think the whole car will be selling for 3.5k any time soon


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so if it wasnt wrecked, why is it a salvage title?

i agree, the price is way high for that car, but its your money.

are you planning on cleaning the title? it usually a bitch to try and restore a car to a clean title.

my .02, if your set on an integra, i would keep looking. you should be able to find better for cheaper, at the very least better for the same price. if your not set on getting a teg, i would still keep looking, you can get swapped hatches/crx's with gsr's for that price.

good luck



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In california you cant bring them back from salvage, but the insurances companys can salavge a car just for vandalism.

Also just so you know im not having the luxury of going to look at what ever GS-R i want, i was suposed to be looking at one know but my friend flaked out and like wont answer his phone. I consider my self lucky if i get to go look at any.

Taken strait from are DMV's web site

California Vehicle Code (CVC) Section 11515 (B ) and 11515.2 (B ) requires insurance companies to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles (Department) on a form prescribed by the Department, any time an owner retains possession of a total loss salvage or nonrepairable vehicle.

The Department has experienced a significant increase of nonrepairable retentions and complaints from customers that their vehicles were erroneously reported as nonrepairable retentions. Apparently, there appears to be a misunderstanding of the terms "total loss salvage" and "nonrepairable" and confusion when using the prescribed form. CVC defines salvage and nonrepairable vehicles as follows:

CVC Section 544 defines, in part, a total loss vehicle as a vehicle that has been wrecked, destroyed, or damaged, to such an extent the insurance company considers it <span style='color:red'>uneconomical
to make repairs to the vehicle and the vehicle is not repaired by or for the person who owned the vehicle when the damage occurred.

CVC Section 431 defines a nonrepairable vehicle as a vehicle that the owner designates has little or no resale value other than its worth as scrap metal or as a source of a vehicle identification number that could be used illegally and: 1) has no resale value except as a source of parts, 2) completely stripped vehicle (a surgical strip) recovered from theft, missing all of the bolt on sheet metal body panels, all of the doors and hatches, substantially all of the interior components, and substantially all of the grill and light assemblies or 3) completely burned vehicle (burned hulk) that has been burned to the extent that there are no more usable or repairable body or interior components, tires and wheels, or drive train components.

A vehicle declared nonrepairable may not be titled or registered for use on the roads or highways (CVC 6050).

To avoid further confusion, the Department has developed two new retention forms (attached): one for reporting retention of total loss salvages, the Salvage Vehicle Notice of Retention by Owner (REG 481); and another for nonrepairable vehicles, the Non-Repairable Vehicle Notice of Retention by Owner (REG 480). Please distribute these forms with instructions for immediate use.

The new forms will improve efficiency in the Department's operation of the registration program and minimize the erroneously reporting of nonrepairable retentions.

Additionally, the Department wishes to remind the insurance companies of their requirement to also notify the insured or owner of the insured's or owner's responsibility to comply with CVC Section 11515 (B ).</span>


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yeah what there saying is true, i bought my rex salavage title and i know what happpened to it, a little passanger side front end clip, needed a new bumper and thats it, not hard to salvage a rex keep in mind, so i was ok with it especially since i replaced the whole damn front end suspension for like 50 bucks in parts, but in order for my head lights to be lined up there is a gap between the lights and the bumper and when i tried to take off and realign the bumper those fuckers put it on with a screw and i would have to pick the paint off to remover it, so its just something to think about, but buying a car again, I would look for something that the factory but together and has been left that way...


For it to be uneconomical to fix you have to remember that it probably would have costed the insurance company more than 75% of the value of the vehicle. To be honest like everyone else is saying you would be a fucktard to pay that much for this car. I think you are a younger guy, but remember it has the title for a reason. Something big happened to the car at one point. From large dollar fix reconstructions I have seen, the car is never the way it should have been from the factory. Remember this with the salvage title, good luck trying to find another sucker to pay the value of the car with a clean title when you are ready to sell.


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ok ok ok fuckers.......... :D i wont offer him gonna go look at this green one now with a cleeaaaaaaaan title and see whats up

thanks fellas

Ps. i wanted that damn grey leather


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Show the guy what the book value is, then subtract a little for the salvage title. Tell him it is a fair offer, and see what he says. I'd offer about 4k, if you like the car that much.


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Try to convince him that no one will give him the money. If you don't plan on reselling at all, the car drives straight, and looks good to you then get it. just don't give him no 7k. Remember the car has been raced.