How Important Is Resleeve For B20/vtec N/a?

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Sup everyone,
I'm planning on buying a 93 hatch with a fully built B20/GSR. The only thing is, the guy isn't sure if the block was resleeved when the engine was built. He's using ROSS flat top pistons and he says with the GSR head his CR is around 11:1. Is this safe with stock sleeves? He says it's just a daily driver and is only putting out 200whp conservatively.

How long will this setup last if the block wasn't resleeved?

Thanks engine gods :worthy:
NA you are fine on stock sleeves. calesta runs a 12.6:1 CR in his b20/vtec. how long it will last, depends on how it was built and how well you maintain it.
Yes, he runs it on pump gas. Its in his daily driver at that. Has ~40k on it.
I think calesta has said that 12.5:1 is the highest cr he would run on pump gas if I remember right...
This kind of BULLSHIT is really fucking pissing me off. I don't understand why the fuck everyone is so concerned with the B20 sleeve cracking or breaking in an NA application. Hell, it's strong enough to hold quite a bit of boost on its own too. The reason why the B20 breaks in NA applications is the same reason why LS/VTECs break- someone built it wrong, or someone beat on it to the extent that any engine would have blown up. You do NOT need to resleeve a B20 to run a VTEC head on it with high compression pistons. Just build the engine with the proper parts, assemble it correctly, and you'll be fine.
12.6:1 on 93 octane. You can go a little higher on pump gas- it just takes really careful tuning.