How In Gods Good Earth Are U Suppose To Do This?

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whats up. i was reading through the forum and i read something were someone just mentioned 2.7L h22. is this even possible? if so does someone make the stroker kit or is it pure custom. Is this even realiable? because i could imagine how thin the walls are going to be? Is a 2.7 any good for boost?
I don't know if there are bigger pistons available, or if you can use bigger pistons, but Endyn makes 90mm pistons. With a 90mm bore you would need to go to a 106.1mm stroke from a 90.7mm stroke to make 2.7L. I don't know if that is possible in the H22A.
I believe that 90mm bore is possible, I don't think that a 106.7mm stroke is possible.
Mike from RS machining did Jeremy Lookoffsky's 2.8L prelude motor set up when he first brought out the half backed CRX... it held together for about 2 races, then he had to have it re-done... so as for reliability... there is none :D

but to let you know the 2.8L was only possible cause of the deck plate that RS machining sells... and no a 2.7 is NO GOOD for boost

when stroking or boring out a car to such extremes as a 2.7 prelude motor then there is almost no way you could boost safely with a god reliability factor :D