How Long For Clutch Breakin?

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hey i just installed a centerforce dual friction clutch with act 8.8pd flywheel with new driveshafts and tranny seels and wanted to know how many miles i should have on the breakin - i have 80miles so far and it's still not grabbing like it should,oh this is on a d16z6. also we didnt bleed the clutch when we did it and it's starting to grab when the pedal is all the way out and jw if i should bleed it.thanks
fuck a clutch break in.
bleed the system for sure.

then just slam those gears.. i went easy on mine for 150 miles
Bleed the system, christ why would you even install a clutch and not bleed it before driving? Would you swap your brakes and not bleed the lines? NO. Anyway I was nice to mine for about five hundred and it is fine, but could have probably been harsher sooner.
I always did a 500 break in. Some people say just to stomp on it and others say even longer break in's. I think 500 is a good medium point :)

i didnt give mine probly more than 15 break in miles before stompin it, and it has been fine, go read some of te theories about kcikin the shit outta uyour parts as a break in method, itd intersesting...
On ACT's you don't need to break it.
Clutchmasters carbon kevlar clutches do need a break in cause they're covered in a layer of paper that needs to be worn through.
Centerforces, I think, should be broken in since they're kinda shitty clutches from teh get go. Might as well play it safe.

The exception to Clutchmasters is the sintered iron disks. THe hotter you get them the harder they bite. I had a 3200lb pressure plate and iron disk in my talon. Pretty sick stuff. It was a custom unit that came in around stage 6 or 7. hehe

Yo, you sell the teggy and going dsm, I did that for about one month. I just couldn't stand the 4g63 motor. I had problems once modding from day one, it was a fucking nightmare.