how much boost on these internals???

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How much boost can you run on a jdm h22a with JE forged pistons and eagle rods?????
about 85lbs .... please read some of the other posts ... there is no way to tell you any reliable numbers without knowing what turbo you are looking at .... and dont just give the size ... different turbos push different amounts of air at different levels of boost... it also depends on tuning ... ive seen people blow the f00k out of engines at very low levels of boost ... :readfaq:
you are correct in your assumption that you need to specify what turbo...for instance..
I'm running a at 15psi this turbo will almost flow 500cfm's, then I ported it will flow 500cfm's...well if I try to put that 500cfm's into my D-series...BANG!, no more D-series, now if I take say a TD05-12a,which flows 320cfm's@15psi...I can brag about running 15psi...but I'm making the turbo work outside its optimum efficiency. So find a turbo that will match what you want your car to do...if you need help,ask...I have almost every turbo compressor map known to be...I can match a turbo to what you need...mathmatically....oh btw...I'm running a 14g@7psi intercooled...about 300cfm's...but the turbo is working at 77% efficiency. B)
i thought you couldnt run forged pistons on a h22 because of the cylinder coating. oh well
All you have to do is spend a few hundered on steel resleevings for the H22. It's really not too expensive.