How to get more mid range in my b16a

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I have a B16 in my 90 teg its great in vtec but its got nothing down low i just got smoked by my brothers gsr last night, i have aem cai and full catg back what else can i do for more low end thanks
Well your first problem is that you put a B16 into an Integra. There is a reason there is a stock 1.8L motor in the Integra, and that is the fact that the fucker is heavy. Short of a turbo, there is no way you are going to beat a gsr. Think about it. Integra with weaker VTEC 1.6l vs Integra with stronger VTEC's a no brainer! If you want to beat him, put the B18A back in and work off of that platform.
Well is there anything that will wake my bottom end up i mean i dont expect huge power down there but a bit more would help
well, theoretically a 4-2-1 header will help a b16a run best mid range power...

although, you won't notice any differences...the motor has no torque, its just a fact you'll have to deal with.
its a simple math equation like they all say

1.6 is less than 1.8

with agrresive cams and shit youi will LOSE low end torque

and gain high end HP.

this will be the only way you can beat him.

he will get you from a light, but with good cams, intake manifold,
and shit you should catch back up.

and from a roll you may pull or be even.

the 1.8 has more torqe but not that much more hp

a gsr puts down about 150hp and 110-115 torque WHEEL HORSE POWR
a b16 145-150 and about 100 torque
ctr cams start making power around 4500rpm.

between 1500 and 4500 a b16a will struggle in a car the size of an integra.

the answer to your problem is a 1.8 bottom end.
Originally posted by 180sx@Dec 20 2002, 06:25 PM

actually, its the block that is open deck, not the head... also, that can be cured by sleeving... hondas can be turboed and have reliability if done right!