How To Lower Boost

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I have a deltagate wastegate that is supposed to be 7 - 9 psi. Screw is all the way down, but my gauge says that it at 9 psi, that is with the intercooler. How can I lower my boost? I have a rev hard stage 2 on a b16 in a 92 hatch. Here is a link to how it looks like. In other pictures, the wastegate points to the left and mine points up. It looks like it is installed right. Any help on how to lower my boost will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
doesnt matter-- boost controler only goes UP. the spring in the WG is the LOWEST it will go.

change the spring if you want to go lower.
spring is in the wastegate. depending on the waster gate brand, it will be different. get a spring from the same company (tial, deltagate, hks, etc)