How To Make Physical Wire Connections

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(Non-ODB to ODBI ECU). Folks, I know what wires I need to run and where I need to run them to/from to wire Vtec and O2 sensor. That's not my question. I'm asking about how you physically make the connections to the device(s) in the absence of having either EXISTING or 'donor' plugs to plug into the new sensors/devices. I'm trying to figure out how to physically wire the following devices: 4 wire O2 sensor, Vtec solenoid, Vtec pressure switch, ODBI distributor.

For example, I've got wire to a 4 wire O2 sensor. My current harness (ODBI 2 wire O2 sensor) obviously doesn't have a 4 wire plug. Yes, I know what ECU pins I need to hook wires to, but now that I have 4 F*@&ing wires poking through the firewall and terminating near the NEW 4 wire O2 sensor, how do I make the physical connections? Do I have to scrounge around and try to find a donor 4 wire plug from a salvage yard and then just solder my new wires to it. OR do I try to just solder the wires directly the new O2 sensor?

Same with Vtec solenoid and Vtec pressure switch. I know what wires go where but my current chassis (EF) doesn't have ANY Vtec wiring connections so I don't have ANY Vtec plugs. Do I try to find donor plugs to plug into the new sensors/devices or what?

How about my new distributor? My existing distributor wiring is a 2 plug affair. The new distributor is a single plug. Do I have to find a donor single plug to plug into the new distributor or what?

Thanks much.
You can run hard wires to the points and then get a donor harness and splice the pins on to the wires then secure them with electrical tape,shrink tube,or solder the pins on or whatever,however ghetto you want to get or avoid.Just remember a clean product will be easier to work on in the future.
i would definatly say try to get donor plugs and solder them in... i wouldnt hard wire anything because it will make it a bitch to change stuff out if needed
True,didn't even think about that.