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This one has my vote. :drool:
wrong video :(

go to my post 4 down from here
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just so you all know... the quadruple-bypass burger (the 8000 calorie one) has 3000 more calories than the entire bacon explosion :eek:

and son of a bitch i posted the wrong video before

heres the right one
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If I could go to a restaurant like that, I certainly wouldn't complain about the servers being in nurse's outfits. That would be like saying only girls that work at Hooters can serve chicken wings, because girls that don't have tig ol' bitties would deliver sub-par food.

I love to see their menu. I'd try and replicate several of their food items on my own...
I feel my arteries clogging already. I feel a trip to the grocery store in the near future.