Hypothetical Awd Civic?

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Just hunting for info. Pictures would be 1337, and always welcome!

A friend of mine was hypothesizing that an all-wheel CRV (it seems they're not ALL all-wheel) could be robbed. I.E. a CRV drivetrain in a ???? civic. Realizing that the frame, suspension, differentials, transmission, clearances, were all issues.... I figured I would post and politely ask if anyone had some 9uru |<nowledge. I think it would make a nice platform for Rally or AutoX, since parts (for some Hondas) are relatively cheap. Or maybe cheap=bad in this situation. So? Thanks for the links, and witty, well-phrased flames :p

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uhh...you'd have to rip up the floorpans at the least and re-construct them to fit around the 4wd transfercase and driveshafts as there is no room as it is under the stock civic chassis for transmission tunnel and driveshaft tunnel...plus you'd have to rip up the trunk floor and fab a completely new rear suspension based on the CRV rear axle coming from the rear frame mounts on the civic...

you aren't just talking a lot of cash...you're talking major fucking money...it's dream for an uber shop like HAsport maybe but would be WAY too much time/money for the results if you ask me...


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AWD civic?? Honda is releasing an AWD accord in 2004?? It's got some thing like 230hp or something. Oh but it's not comming to the states, at least not AWD anyway.

and ladies and gentlemen... :tfg:


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They used to make AWD wagons. I know you can mate a DOHC ZC to the old AWD wagon tranny's!


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03 ATR are available in awd in Japan. The US counterpart, the Acura TSX, will not be available in AWD.


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Originally posted by knowledge@Jan 24 2003, 06:22 AM
They used to make AWD wagons. I know you can mate a DOHC ZC to the old AWD wagon tranny's!

This is true, my neighbor has an AWD 1990 Civic Wagon, I told him he needs to pop in a ZC like I have because that would be a hella sweet sleeper. He has to replace the engine, he is thinking of doing it.


the crv tranny is simply too big to fit in a civic. you'd have no passenger side axel and a right front wheel sticking 3 feet out or something =)


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Width of CRV axles = ----------------------------------------------
Width of Civic axles = --------------------------

End of topic.


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it would be like trying to lift a civc 20 inches and adding chev straight axels and going 4x4 it could be done but why for the time and money is it worth it no and why not try taking the 90 Awd adn putting that into a 4 gen civic it could be doen if its fo auto xing do you car if you lose all of you interior
The only thing you could do is swap the AWD Civic Wagon drivetrain into a CRX or Civic Hatch. They have the same wheel base and rear suspension. It is very possible as far as I have research. The super plus is that the wagon's had a six-speed manual. Just bolt in a ZC and the drivetrain and have a rally CRX. If you are really interested please IM me with some questions. My research is through the factory manual and a site I cant remember dedicated to all wheel drive Hondas. And everyone else is right no way the CRV swap would work.


there are a few AWD CRX's in the US. it was some kind of dealer package. A kid i know in terryville has one. its bad ass. d16a6 awd.