i <3 the ups man

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today, as scheduled, my exhuast arrived handed to me by the man in the brown outfit. After dealing with Titan Motorsports for 2.5 weeks, i finally got it.....cuz i ordered it from turboimport.com . Only cost 497 shipped to my door. The welds look great, top notch. I like how the tip, the muffler, and the resonator have extra supports welded to them. ON WITH THE PICTURES!! (hopefully they work)






TIp was a little bigger than i expected, but its still smaller than my pineapple cannon-sized thermal.

Here are the support brackets i was talkin about....



but what the fuck, 500 bucks and no stickers?!?!?!? :p

ON car pictures will be taken tomarrow when i install it. :D

Edit: A short review will be written tomarrow and a 2 hour highway review will be conducted on saterday. :D
I always knew you were gay! haha jk nice exhast can't wait to see how it looks on the car though...and if it has that rhaspy ricer noise to it or not lol...
Here are pics of the exhaust on the car. Yeah i know they are huge (i get that alot ;) ), but i dont have anything to resize them (used a friends comp for the first post). If someone could resize them for me, that would be wonderful. thanks.



not totally on center, but who gives a shit..


license plate not covered... eh, what the fuck are you gonna do? :p :ph34r:

as for teh sound, it sounds great, reallll smooth. More intake than exhaust, definately. All i can hear now is intake, well along with the low tone of the rsr but its minimal. at idle you CANNOT hear it..at all. At startup, it doesnt even soundlike its starting, its that quiet. During normal driving 25-45 you can barely hear it. My parents used to say they knew when i was coming home because they could hear me turn on to the road at the bottom of the hill, which is 1/8th of a mile away....and thats not getting on it. but now when i came home they didnt realize i was home till i shut my door. I got on it a few times, at wot its all intake, when vtec kicks in WOOOOAAHHHHHHH lol, it sounds much nicer and smoother. no rasp what-so-ever.

oh, i almost forgot, never go to monroe, they are a bunch of mis-leading money hungry pricks.... oh wait thats like almost every "shop"....


excelent choice :thumbsup:
nice pics :thumbsup:
good review :thumbsup:

and :werd: on the monro thing... i use to work there, i can tell you SOOOO many horror stories about shit people there have done to fuck over customers :thumbsdown:
Originally posted by driverunknown@Aug 18 2005, 08:47 PM
That comparison of the tip to the cd had me scared, but it doesn't look bad at all. I can't wait for mine to come in.
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Ditto! That made it look way bigger than it really is
Originally posted by jdmeg6+Aug 18 2005, 11:59 PM-->
@Aug 18 2005, 08:47 PM
That comparison of the tip to the cd had me scared, but it doesn't look bad at all. I can't wait for mine to come in.
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Ditto! That made it look way bigger than it really is
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you should of compared it to a gamecube disc and scared the shit out of the people that are waiting for thers in the mail :p
hahahaa i should of that would of been funny. but the tip is really that big lol, maybe a little smaller cuz i didnt exactly line up the cd and tip. but its definately bigger than the hatch tips.

OH as far as ground clearence goes, my resonator on my Thermal would scrape going in and out of my driveway daily lol. this one scrapes ONLY at the highpoint of the driveway. Ill probably take some pics a little later on that if anyone is really interested.
k well i took pics anyways lol, im bored. and im procrastinating loading the truck up with my college stuff..

You can SORT of make out the resonator in this picture, hardly see the outline, but you can see the taper on the right side a little. either way, isnt that what you want?? not being able to see it hang low... ;)



i have one more to link but it says ive reached my bandwith limit...
I'm thinking that I'm going to get the RSR when it comes time with the new car. I'd rather have the engine and intake sound more than exhaust. Plus everyone here in CO loves to have a huge exhaust to compete with the Neon or Cavalier next to them at the light. :ghey: