I Desperately Need Another D15 For Real Cheap!

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I would love to have a D15b5 (sohc vtec) but I really would take a D15B7 or a D15B2. Preferebly with lower miles and really cheap! I don't have alot of money and if in the southern states area I will come pick it up from you or whoever. Mine is smoking really bad and is using oil badly. It's almost done and I need one like NOW! Please if you know of anybody please reply into this topic. I know that they are out there but I can't find them anywhere.
dont know if your interested but i have a cx d series motor with tranny, motor needs a rebuild and a header. 100 bucks for it all if you come get it. im in orlando if you are interested. coreyroun@hotmail.com
Okay how many miles are on the Cx motor? And I will need the ECU to go with it too. I live in Starkville, Mississippi. Is your motor a D15B7? I think it is hit me back with the question I asked and I'll hollar tommorrow.
sorry no ecu just motor and tranny, your ecu will work. motor had 163000 when i pulled it, like i said it needs a rebuild.i think its a d15b8.
hey civic i think he knows that, he said he needs a motor cheap, can you find one for 100 bucks with more than 70 hp.
i have a motor for sale. d15 from a 5th gen civic = 102hp

it has a blown head gasket, but ran great until that point. has 1-owner miles of 188,356, ECU, transmission, and a new timing belt.... but I'm keeping the new alternator.

I will deliver in the SE. PLEASE !!!!! Make me an offer. I would love to sell it this week, so I don't have to store it when I give my friend his truck back. It's in the back of a pathfinder right now.....


i have a 93 dx d15 for 200 and what ever you to go with it for 200 bucks and you shipping from lynn,mass
Okay I would love to have the 93' Dx motor but shipping will be crazy from where you live. I would wind up spending more in shipping than the 200 bucks I would give you for the motor. As far as the others go djextremity; find out how much shipping will be and how many miles are on the motor. I won't need the exhaust manifold because I can use mine and this weekend I am converting my D15B2 into a B7 by making my car multi-port FI. I have all the stuff except the CRX SI distributor. I have the intake,throttle-body injectors and other stuff. All of these offers are well worth looking into but I don't have alot of cash! And I live in this pathetic state where nothing is close to me! GOD I HATE MISSISSIPPI! Please keep hitting me up with offers and information! TANX!