I Finally Got A Job

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Well I love my Honda but I had to find a paycheck. The local Honda dealer wasn't hiring and I got offered a job at Dodge as a tech. I jumped on it. Yes, Dodges suck major ass but hey it is a paycheck. I have been without a job since Jan 1st and I am behind on bills. I have been working on and off at Redline High Performance Center, doing custom turbos and such, but it was not a steady paycheck, it was only when they needed help.

I just thought i would share since I can finally pay for rent.



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Originally posted by kylemarhx@Feb 5 2003, 02:44 AM
dodges don't suck anymore :D . the new srt-4 is ill!

I still want to see how long their engines and components (water pump, alternator, belts, etc.) last. It's always been my experience that Dodge lacks quite a bit in the reliability department.


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Dodges cant take a hit for shit... lol i almost totaled a 99 Ram 1500 with a bike :lol:
id feel safer driving down the road in a styrofoam cup than a dodge


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today was my first day and I am tired. The srt doesn't come out here until april. Speaking of dodge engine and tranny life, I found out talking to some of the guys that they are extending there tranny warranties to 140,000 miles. if you do a special flush and additives to oil and gas it gives you this extended warranty. Maybe they will make a come back with it.