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In my previous post I said I was trying to stick with the stock 98 CX enigine. But I have a question... I can get a B16a2 engine but buddy wants 5,000.00 for the whole car, he won't just sell the engine...It's been recked but the engine and tranny is good, is that alot ? sounds like it to me. The engine is from a Canadian 2000 Civic SIR around 25,000 km, oh yeah these prices are in Canada. I understand the engine is awesome but was just seeing if I can get some go with the CX stock for the same price. Thanks for the help.
That is alright, not the best but it is no way the most expensive. On some currancy converter it said that 5000 cd = 3,231.02 USD. You can get a complete b16sirII obd2 for about 2500 but since that car has low miles, it makes it better.

Where was the car hit? Lets say it was hit from the back, you put the engine in the car, then you could part everything else on ebay. The stock wheels can get you a little bit, (not sure exact price), seats, interior peices, body panels. It all adds up. Ask your freind to take 500 cd off and then i think it would be a good deal