I got a nice long laugh when I went to the dealer

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I'm a lazy bastard and I didn't feel like changing the bulbs in the intrument cluster. Mind you it only 2 screws and 3 plugs. So I go to the dealer and see what they're quote would be to do it. I figure at most they'll charge an hour labor since it really is a simple ass job and I THOUGHT it was only $50/hr.

So I go, the guy takes 15-20 mins to get me a quote then advises me it was 3 hours worth of labor at $89 because it's electrical plus $2 a bulb. I just started laughing in his face, he gave me an odd look for the first couple of seconds then proceeded back to his desk kinda shameful. I was like wtf, I took it out yesterday and it took me 5 mins because I had to figure out how to get the plastic cover above the column off (i didnt want to break it).

So they quoted me around $280 + 9% tax to change the instrument cluster bulbs...lol I think I'll do it myself.
I'm surprised to see they are bad already.

It's tough to run a shop and keep prices low. If a mechanic does the slightest thing wrong and extends the time - the shop starts taking in losses.


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Originally posted by 92civicb18b1@Jun 9 2005, 12:07 PM
So they quoted me around $280 + 9% tax to change the instrument cluster bulbs...lol I think I'll do it myself.
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for that price I dont blame you, I would do it myself for that much also
nah it was already out when I bought the car. Didn't feel it was a big deal. I don't think the warranty will cover such a small problem, I'll have to re-read it and see.
Quite the contrary, dude...I'd think a warranty WOULD cover something like that.

'Course, if you bought it like that, you should've pointed it out at the dealership. I got nearly a grand knocked off the price of the Prelude because the front H emblem was missing and the driver's side headlight was faded just a little. I asked him if they would replace them, and he said 'They're not that expensive, you'd have no problem replacing them yourself,' so I responded 'so you should have no problem coming down on the price.' $40 for a new headlight off Ebay and like $2 for a new H emblem...and I saved right around a grand :)
on a standard factory VWoA warranty for a new car, bulbs (any thing wear and tear) are covered for 12mo or 12K mi.
keep in mind this is almost a ten year old car

LMAO, I went back to the dealer and had a service tech come out and look at it.

Went back in got the bulbs.

Asked service tech for a phillips and a flat head.

15 minutes I gave it back to him.

he said "couldn't do it, huh?"

I just laughed at him and he wanted to come out and look at it.

then he said sarcasticly "we have to go by the book, even if it only takes us 15 mins" and walked back inside.

Hmm and to think, people actually pay $XXX amount of money to replace them, cause I've also heard that this was an issue also or fading.

$280 or 15 mins worht of work and $10, I could have gotten them at autozone for $5 but I had to make a scene.


this is why i do all my own work on my car. i could only image the thousands i've saved in labor alone.
wow that dealer sucks, i know dealers that will charge you like 20 bucks for that shit, granted its 10 more than what it would cos tyou, but its better than 300.


Originally posted by dveit@Jun 10 2005, 06:43 AM


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Where am teh crack!?
Today, pulled 2 motors in 7 hours, and thats with a decent amount of dicking around and looking for tools (I am an un-organized bastard). I am sure a shop would charge 500 a pop

One day I called up one of the local speed shops that is really nationally renound for being an actual speed shop. Anyways, I wanted to have them install a set of Teins. 200. Next, how much to install energy suspension poly bushings. 500. I asked how much would it cost to install both at the same time. well, 500+200=700. Remeber doing this job would require to take off the shocks anyways. So Reaching down for green shocks vs black ones is a 200 dollar decision. So I ended up putting the shocks on myself, and I never went with the bushings. Maybe I will do that later, but for now, I am good.
Originally posted by 92b16vx@Jun 10 2005, 02:22 AM
Which bushings? That's hella high for just LCAs, or anything untill you stat messing with the trailing arms.
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It was the master kit.

Oh forgot to mention the other crap I swapped over today. Swapped rails on some EG and del sol seats. del Sol seats in a Hatch are sweet. They sit really low, I think even lower then what they sat in my del sol. EG seats in a sol are a diffrent story lol.
yea fuck that dealer. I'll be working on the Audi myself. I have to check out the one in Maplewood. Maybe their not such assholes and cheap bastards.