I Need A 16v Head

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I have a HF CRX and I would like to do the 16 valve headswap that was reffered to on this site. I don't even care what kind of head it is as long as it's a 16 valve. I DO need it to be in good condition though. I can't spend any more than 150 dollars including shipping. I'm sorry but I don't have alot to work with here.
Okay I think that the head that you have is also an 8 valve head? I'm not sure but if someone can give me some insight here to help me. If not I'll buy it from you no problem! I live in Starkville, Mississippi 39759. But I do think that your head is also 8 valves though that's why the power is so low on the car. LIke the HF CRX it has low power! I need a head that has the 16 valves in it.
well im not sure if it is or isnt but if it is let me know.
Hardweapon, I have a sohc vtec head....It is the 16 valve your after. I have the comlete head with vtec selonoid, intake manifold,and all the sensors. I am gonna asked $200 shipped because of low miles and complete intake manifold and all sensors. Lemme know and email me at Rickygsr@yahoo.com if you want it ..... thanx..... :D
I'm doing a mini-me swap, I have the DX head you need.
Panama City Beach FL, make an offer, from a 94 Civic DX with 125k miles, it's an auto...the cam sux, find a manual if you can.