I Need A Picture...

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Hey, I just figured out how to solve all of my problems... Does anyone here have a 91 Crx Si with a 91 B18A1 ( LS ) In it?
If so, Can you take pics of it??
Im trying to find pictures of the entire engine, like, so that throughout the pics, i see everythin.... So I can say 'Ooooh, THATS where that goes' , And, Yea, I need that, Cuz im lost, lol
Thanks alot
also please feel free to e-mail me at phreon_burn@hotmail.com
thanks again everyone
do you have an engine in your car?

everything is pretty much in the same place. just a little bigger.

if you dont' know where things go.....

get a helms manual
Hehe, Ok, I'll try it..
As to your question, The LS is already in the car... I KNEW where everything went, but that was 3 months ago when I started this project... Time sucks....
All im trying to do is find out what all has to be done...
I am out of money, and I need my car....
And, also, there seems to be alot of vacuum lines on the LS Manifold that, as far as I can see, will not hook up to ANYTHING on the car.... hehe...
anyways, Thanks for the info, I'll give it a try
let me warn u if u have place racing mount kit u need 2 change ur radius rods or your under drive pulley will hit while u drive
Have you changed your crx Map sensors to the integra ones?
you dont need to change your mapsensor. i have a 93 ls in my 90 si hatch and im running my si map, runs great. inless someone knows something i dont know. as for the vaccum lines you wont use like 3-4 of them and will not use two or three sensors in the back of the engine.