I Need Some Help

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William H. Hovah

Junior Member
whats up peoples..I need some help..I need some front seats for my 91 Civ Si..my drivers side is hit up bad..looks like shit..i dunno who sells cheap..ill buy stock or aftermarket..or front and back..somebody pleeze help id mad appreciate..
if you want a nice and cheap upgrade then go to a junkyard and buy some delsol seats thier pretty damn nice i would consider them racing seats they hold ya pretty good under some sharp lateral g's :D I have them in my 91 civic h/b
you can also browse the classifieds here... and im not sure but Brian [pissedoffsol] might have some del sol seats for sale???

i haven't checked the classifieds lately anywhere but check them out here...

there are always people selling things :D
do you all think prelude seats are nice because I'm thinking about them or delsol
del sol seats own.

posting topics where they belong own. this is not swap related. moving to misc tech.chassis