i need some traction

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i have 205/45/r17 tires, suspension wise i ahve ground controls and agx shocks. i have suspension techniques anti-sway bar system and tower bars. what can i do to get more traction for a good price?


are you looking for more cornering traction or straight line ( launch ) .... for both id say go with a better tire with a lower UTQG somewhere in the 100's or lower .... now for straight get a smaller rim with more sidewall ... that will allow more grip on the launch .... for cornering ... get a wider tire ... overall youd be best off with 205/50/15 with a UTQG aroung 150 or lower
Z10 bars and an LSD would be sweet! I would recommend the Quaife LSD. It is pricey but I belive they have a lifetime warranty. I believe!
Yes, the Quaiffe comes with a lifetime warrenty. If you break it, it doesn't matter if you were racing or not, they will replace it.


Quaiffe owns, i hear they are difficult to put in though. dont loose the 17's, i love mine :)


Uh... call Intercrew and ask them. They can get the Z10 bars in. The link is in my sig. Tell them that Michael sent you, and they might be nice to you.


If you want more traction, definitely get the traction bars (unless you're running an H22 engine, they won't fit), get better tires, and get an LSD if you're not averse to the price/trouble of putting one in.
If you want traction in a rear wheel drive car, add a couple hundred pounds of soud eqiupment.
Originally posted by 93hatch@Oct 10 2002, 02:19 PM
what is the z10 traction bar i have seen it posted about before but where can i buy one?

the competition engineering traction system is about $60 less and from what i hear is more streetable.. it can be ordered from summitracing.com
Originally posted by Prowler@Oct 10 2002, 05:32 PM
If you want traction in a rear wheel drive car, add a couple hundred pounds of soud eqiupment.

i believe he has a hatch, and correct me if im wrong, but arent civics FF