i need some valves yO

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i'm torn:

ferrea valves i hear OWN
skunk2?? alljdm got a good deal for me??
ITR/CTR??? maybe but who knows...

i have ITR inner valve springs, and CTR outer valve springs and ITR retainers. anyone have some input on this for me?? i'd love to safely take this bad dog to 9K when i drag it...

feel free to input any others too
Originally posted by pills_PMD@Dec 24 2002, 03:02 PM
...ferrea valves i hear OWN...

yes, fereea valves are very very nice. but i'm pretty sure you'll have to get your head milled. well i guess it depends on the size valve you go with.
i've got CTR intake/ ITR exhaust.

i thought i'd get a few more replies guys!!

where do i get ferrea's from... stainless or titanium??
no matter what you get-
I highly suggest you get them installed professionally at a machine shop with new seat guides as well. you CAN'T jsut swap valves around...