I Need Your Opinion

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I know this is a Honda forum, but I want some people's opinions.


That's my truck(taken when it was purchased). I'm trying to sell it to get my Honda. It's in almost excellent condition, runs great, clutch is slightly worn, but barely. 2.3 I4 5 Speed SE. It could use a paint job probaly cuz it has some scratches...hey it's a truck, it got used but not abused.
Here's the small mod list:
slightly free-er exhaust,
CD player
2 Subs
4 neons in cab (2 blue w/ bass strobe on cab, 2 red under seats)
LED shift knob
Brand new A/T slight oversize tires

But what do you think of the truck and do you think 4000 or best offer is a reasonable price for it?

By the way, I didn't mention but for those wondering, it's a 97 Mazda B2300 (Their try at selling the Ranger)
How many miles? That and the ranger are basically the same platform, minus the look. Rangers hold their value, but for some reason, the mazda counter part dont. So 4000 is a great price, depending mileage. Try to sell it on www.streetsrouce.com. The mini-truckin crowd is always looking for something different to drop.
And yes, I know there's gonna be people giving stupid remarks, but lets please keep those limited. I'm looking for mature people giving honest answers. And a little more info, it has high mileage, but almost all highway miles since that's where I like driving the most. But around 135K. and The driver window has been giving some problems rolling down occasionally
Sorry, I realized you posted about a minute after me, so it wasnt in reponse to me.. Sorry about that. :)
The mazada trucks i pretty sure are made by ford companies, and by the looks of it the same platform as the ranger, it is odd that that the ranger holds more value then the B2300. the window problem and the miles would cuz the problems in the price that people are willing to sell, have u looked at a trade in with the dealer and see how much they would give?