i think eg6sir locks too many threads.

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Green on the scene.
anybody agree?

he locked my thread because i opened a new thread because i wanted to poll about what i should do about getting around the spindle nut issue.
and i saw that he just closed another one because it was in the wrong forum..
why didnt he just move it?

i think hes power hungry.

oh and he threatened to ban me because i said he was PMSing cuz he was going off on a new member..
just how many threads do you think someone can move in one day

you've got over 500 posts
you shouldn't be putting things in the wrong section anymore anyway
it wasnt my thread.
he closed the thread about the CR-V engine in the accord or whatever it was in..
he had time to say wrong forum and close it, does it take that much longer to move it?
i dont bother to move stuff either...i have to click like 6 other things...where as locking a thread can be done after a post :)
Not open for further replies.