I Thought That I Wasn't Going To Buy Another Honda

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I just bought an 89 CRX SI from Chet's mother. The car is in really good condition with a mint interior. I can not wait until Thursday when I pick it up. I do not have too many plans of rthe car right now other than suspension and brakes. It will eventually get a swap after I get a full exhaust and intake for the truck and after I finish my boat.
Now I just need to get rid of the 4dr. It needs to go with in the next two weeks or its going to the junkyard.
i'm sad to see this car go, as is my mom and the entire family. the car's interior is MINT, and just needs a trip to the body shop to fix some minor dents/rust. my mom now has a 98 hatchback so hopefully i'll have pictures of it soon, as its also MINT.

this leaves my family with:

Dad: 88 CRX w/ 71k miles,

88 CRX w/ ZC Swap,

91 CRX w/95k miles (soon to be getting a GSR Swap),

88 CRX DX w/ 195k miles,

95 Civic HB w/ D16Z swap (that i just did)

92 Civic Coupe

Sister: 93 Del Sol Si

Mom: 98 Civic HB

Me: 92 Civic HB

It is my goal this summer to line up all 9 of our cars and have a photo shoot. I need HX wheels for my mom's car, and i'd like to put my neuspeed race springs on my sisters Del Sol. I'll also be putting a 97 GSR swap into my dad's MINT 91 CRX. This is the cleanest CRX i've ever seen and that includes Dennis' DX CRX with like 50k miles on it.
:werd: thats pretty cool! ever think of changing your last name to honda? :D ..and jeff...congrats on the new crx! :)