IAB vacuum tank

I'm swapping a 98 b18c1 into my 96 civic dx, I just wanted to know where I should mount the Intake Air Bypass vacuum tank? Right now the tank is hooked up to the diaphram and the manifold, but it's just dangling there. For those who have done this swap, where have you mounted it?


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the tank bolts underneath the intake manifold. wasnt it there when you got the motor?
The tank was there, but shouldn't there be some kind of clip to support it? The guy I bought the engine from had a Skunk2 IM on it before I bought it. When he sold it to me, he put the stock IM, I guess he forgot to take the clip off of the Skunk2 manifold. I'll see if he still has it, otherwise I guess I'll get one at Acura. Thanks for the info.