Identifying Zc

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okay, my friend swapped in a motor. the block says ZC, but the valve cover that it came with is from a crx si. its a sohc motor, and when we looked, there was no vtec solenoid. we looked at the cam, and noticed that there was a long cam looking cylinder above the cam, and it had a spring attached to it. is this car vtec? because i only know of a sohc vtec and dohc ZC.
ZC=not vtec

As far as I have seen,ZC also=DOHC,I have not seen a SOHC that had ZC on the block,maybe I haven't looked hard enough.Even the ZC from the 85 crx (si) here had a DOHC,maybe I'm crazy.
there was an SOHC ZC, I don't know much about it tho, other than it exists... it was Non-VTEC, and it was very close to the D16A6
Originally posted by SixtySecondAssassin@Jan 27 2003, 07:06 PM
there are alot of zc's. go here:

That makes things worst,it says the SOHC vtec is coded as D series and it explains why I haven't seen em,that and because half of them are carburated.When I get back to Germany I'm going to go to the Honda guy there and spend the day documenting and taking pictures.One thing about that T.O.V. asia is they have documentation on a ton of motors that people are never going to see because they are ,rare,useless or,older than dirt.
There is various kinds of ZC-SOHC and DOHC, ZC-SOHC from Japan are 88-91, another 92-95, and 96-up, there was ZC-SOHC Vtec's and non-Vtec form 92-up, to tell the difference just check next to the distributor if it has the Vtec Solenoid or not.
Originally posted by NIMO@Jan 29 2003, 08:37 PM
there was ZC-SOHC Vtec's and non-Vtec form 92-up,

From what I have found,the ZC's that where vtec were stamped with a D series designator and the zc non vtec sohc's were carburated.Maybe not all of them but the one's I've found.If you have a website post it because I am very curious about this.