idle air control valve question

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New Member
Can i use any civic idle air control valve in my 98 lx or do i have to get the one from thast model ? also will the ls 97 one work since im runn that engine ??? any ideas? or may how to fix the one I have . I hit it with Carb cleaner and it still throwing code 14 and 43 .(it was doing that when I ran the ODB2 ecu , now I had the convert to odb1 ans it still giving me the same codes ) Can any help!!!
Have you done anyt major work under the hood that required the removal of wiring pieces? Like an intake manifold swap? Motor swap? or did the CEL just pop on one day?
If you are running an LS motor then use an IACV for the LS and also use an ECU for an LS if you are not already.