Idling Problems

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Senior Member
First : My idle. Upon pulling the throttle body off to check the gasket i noticed there wasnt one so for time being i made one out of gasket material. installed it and realized she was still idling high so i adjusted the idle down to about 500. or so. yes i know i need to move it up. however here lies the problem. No matter what percentage of throttle I give it if i can maintain a certain RPM say 2500 (or 3000, 3500, 4000 or even 4500) te car surges just a tad. Its only like <100 or less RPM's... whats the cause.

I am going to check all vacuum lines, but some pointers will be nice. Should I move the idle up a tad more?

Second : The Clutch issue. AT - MT, Exedy Stage 1, Kaiten Super Flywheel... Those are all the mods to the "trans" side of things... The clutch slips only in 1st and 2nd. Ive done the slip test, high gear, hill and full throttle. No slippage in 5th at all. I have countless times checked and rechecked the clutch cable. When first installed it was nice, then after awhile she started loosening up.

Any ideas or quick remedies for these problems would be greatly appreciated...