IHI turbo flange

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Is the manifold-turbo flange for a ihi turbo the same as a t3? if not, what is it?
thank for the response man, btw, do you have any experience with ihi turbos, or have you heard anything about one? Ive found one for a good price, and the sizing is similar to a 60 trim t3/t4
im not really sure man...

my knowledge of ihi was that they are small turbos. but after reading some of the stuff i linked you to, its not the case. IHI makes a lot of OEM turbos (sabb's and ford turbo t-birds i think)...
if their only option is internal wastegate, id say fuck them. you need an external if you want to make power...
Originally posted by knowledge@Oct 24 2002, 04:09 AM
B.S. Look at a 20+G turbo! Cant make power with that B?

Yeah, is it because the internal wastegate can't flow enough exhaust? Im not trying to be a smartass, im just not understanding why you cant make power with an internal wastegate. I would rather use an internal wastegate because it will be cheaper, less complex, and everybody says that external wastegates sound like ass.
internal are legal. you all know how emissions legal things flow :)

and i was saying that they don't flow ... but that was BEFORE i looked at their page