I'm a complete Dumbfuck, please save me!

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So WTF is going on....I was sure I put them together right, but now i have my shcoks poking through (like 6 inches) my tophats. WTF did I do wrong? I"m sure there is an easy, and very stupid explanation for this, please tell me!!


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Originally posted by hcivic.com@Aug 28 2005, 06:29 PM
did you use the big metal washer under the hat?
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werd-- sounds like you forgot to put the washers on...
don't blame yourself, everybody has a story about them selves being an idiot when they first started fixing cars. when i took off my tranny off of my first car to change the clutch, i couldn't haul it off when i took all the bolts out. my dad came over and laughed at me because i didn't even take the mounts off. i still feel like and idiot. that was 8 years ago, now i'm a ASE certified with 3 certificates.
Originally posted by Citizen_Insane@Aug 29 2005, 02:15 PM
Yeah, I figured that out, I feel like a complete dumbfuck.... :lol:
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:lol: It's happened to the best of us, i just did it a while back when me and a friend lowered my crx. Atleast everyone does it right, shocks/springs at the same time.
Atleast you fixed it. :thumbsup:
nothing like assembling, dissasembling, and reassembling again. I had to take my front suspension apart a shit load of times, because i was too lazy to walk inside for my hekms. I didn't have to take the coliover part off, just everything else. Good time.
lol, I'm glad I'm not the only one. After I noticed I was really pissed and made that 1st post, but then I got in the garage and took off, took apart, reassembled, and reinstalled my shocks in about an hour...a job that had taken me 9hrs the last 2 days :lol:

*edit - realize that it took 9 hrs because I had to CUT off, yes thats right, cut off my rear shocks because the bolts were seized inside of the bushings so badly. The fronts took no time at all, but I probably spend 8hrs on those rears, boy was that a pain in the ass <_<