I'm finally going to buy some Rotas

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I just bought the 15x6.5 Rota Slipstreams (Black) on www.modacar.com for $99 each that came to $468.00 shipped!

Now all I need to find is a set of Potenza's S-03s :p

Unfortunately they didn't have the gun metal ones in stock :(
yea jason throws in lugnuts and good lugs cost you a decent amount. That makes jason alot cheaper. I decided that i am going to get the rota group n but that will not be untill i get my swap done (long way down the road)
not to mention his shipping is free most the times (included in his prices)
468 shipped could have been 425 from a shop that helps out hondaswap by advertising with us and offering it members the best deals.
ohh well :/

:worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: :worthy:

Jason, can you find these beautiful wheels for less than 520 each in 16by7 +43 silver. . . if you can . .. i'll be your best friend :D
i will call on monday for you! but why not just get the rota Circuit 8.. yummie., I was just thinking today that I'd throw a set on my civic.. I love them !
but I will get you a price monday!
I got my Rotas today....woohoo! they look so badass!, I love the center caps.
Unfortunately I couldn't afford Bridgestone Potenzas S-03s so I got Kumho Ecsta Supra 712 instead :(
Size 205/50 -15V

Turns out the wheels didn't cost $468, they were $456 w/ shipping.

Otherwise I ordered black Kyokugen lug nuts from Jason so I can't wait to put those on, because the silver ones I have right now look kinda funny.

I'll try to take pictures of the wheels once this fucking rain stops in Dallas :angry:
I guess the rain is a good way to test the new tires. :D
yeah tires are expenisve, I ended up having to buy kumho ecsta supra 712's for my rotas. My car is at walmart right now (cheapest place to get mounted and balanced in these parts) gettin the tires on the rims, ill take pictures later. I cant wait.
Walmart would've mounted my tires really cheap, but they wouldn't put the wheels on my car because they weren't stock. They were afraid I could sue them if they put the "wrong size" wheels on my car.
Turned out the Toyo place where I got my tires put them on for free.
the place here didn't care. It took them about 3 hours... i was like last in line. but hey it got done, and came in under estimate. $44. ill take pics tomorrow.