I'm officially a family man...

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I hear you, I think not having a huge trunk has made my wife pack less. I always hear how do you fit all your clothes in a back pack.

The back of my Jeep has become a storage area for the double stroller since its our third vehicle. That giant stroller takes up half of back. For a single stroller going to an umbrella stroller saves a ton of space.
loved when we were able to switch to an umbrella stroller. The big ones are great when they are in the carseat that can transfer from the base to the stroller, but damn do they take up all the space.
When we had the Recaro Denali stroller, it always took up so much space it was miserable to pack for a trip. Then add the travel crib to that, and it was pretty ridiculous before we even added clothing or toys. The car seat we had locked into the stroller and it was pimp, until the locking levers broke (a known issue with that Recaro seat) and then it became an issue.

I'll never own anything recaro again. Their customer service was so horrible that I'm never going to give them a dime, even if it's been arbitrated through multiple parties first.

Once she started refusing the ride in the stroller life actually got easier. Less to haul, less to figure out logistics on, etc. When she started using toilets it got even easier. Now she's in a toddler bed, and we don't have to carry around a portable crib either.
Let me just say that my wife is a classic overpacker, so that has to play in. If we go somewhere for a long weekend, she generally needs a roller bag suitcase along with a weekend duffle bag, plus a tote. So when it comes to the baby, we need the stroller, pack n play, highchair or booster seat, bjorn chair, bath stuff, clothes, toys, etc.

The back of the CRV or my Q5 gets full pretty quick with all that in there. Honestly the stroller takes up a large chunk in both of our trunks. Pretty soon though we'll be able to use a smaller stroller so that will help.
Wife is an over packer and I don't help.

They're huge. We have the BOB and it doesn't slim down. Even in the bed of my truck it only can lay down, taking up a lot of area. Great stroller though. We'll get a compact travel one if we ever fly again.....
We got the Uppababy Vista stroller and do really like it, but man its a beast. We were also going to invest in a Doona because we planned to travel quite a bit with her, but luckily we decided against it cause now all our trips so far have been canceled.