Im thinking of selling my H23 Civic...

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I have built a red hybrid 1993 Civic with an H23 motor. I bought the block brand new before the install, and it has under 20k miles right now. The head is ported and polished with bigger valves and upgraded valve springs. I have both PR mounts and Hasport mounts, the Has mounts are installed. DC Sport Headers, intake, thin radiator, clear corners, Red/white tail lights, Prelude seats, MOMO wheel and knob, OBX muffler, Tokiko Illumina springs and adj. shocks 6 (6 mos old), new prake pads, prelude fuel pump. The car is very clean, and is a total sleeper. 17 in gunmetal 7 spoke wheels with Toyo T1's.

Here is my problem- I am in school full time, work full time, and just had a kid a month ago. Unfortunately I will never have enough time to complete my plans. The car does not have AC or power anything, and with the big motor it is not a comfortable car to drive a baby around in. I am interested in selling or trading the car in order to get a little less maintence, more comfortable, and more reliable car. My problem is that I have no idea what it is worth in order to go forward. If anyone is interested in the car, or can help me determine what a good asking price is, please respond. you help and advice is greatly appreciated. Damn, I love my car, but it is time for me to do what I have to do.
I don't have a dig camera, but I can get one if I really need it.... It is very clean, but would need paint for show... Red, with black interior..
hatch? coupe? sedan?

and what trim was it? dx? si? etc
I realize that... Is it that hard to imagine a clean red 2 dr coupe lowered with grey 7 spoke wheels? Im just asking for opinons, not trying to sell it right now. If I do decide to sell it, it will be fully documented with pics and everything.