Improved Search Engine

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Searching has always been a pain, especially when it came to common Honda keyphrases like 'B16' being too short for the indexer to pick up as the default is 4 characters.


I've replaced the default mysql full text search to leverage Elastic search (Open Source Search: The Creators of Elasticsearch, ELK Stack & Kibana | Elastic) and it now supports shorter phrases, down to 2 characters (eg, search for "LS").

Stop words are left out, so you won't get any results for terms like 'if', 'and' 'not' and so forth. skip those in your search phrase.

It also supports Stemming, meaning 'test' will also match 'tests' and 'testing' so you automatically get core-root word variations as potential results without having to guess what an author may have written in their post.

The index is still rebuilding as of this typing and will take a bit - so you'll see the older results from 2002 first. It will take half a day to get through most of the content. By tomorrow, we'll have a much broader search capability.

Try it out today!
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