In a bit of a pickle here, F22b3

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trying to make heads or tails of something here and some help would be appreciated.

buddy of mine has a 92 accord with a f22b non vtec auto transmission. and a 95 EX vtec auto car.

he blew up the f22b in the 92 and wants to swap the engines over. never messing with automatic honda anything before i feel a little overwhelmed but not deterred.

my question I know the engine will fit 100%.

do i need to use the f22a1 intake, i know i need the exhaust manifold from the cat foreward to the engine and have all that from the donor 95

can or should i swap entire harness from 95 ex to 92 chasis? was told i need to swap both engine and trans harness and ecu from EX 95 to 92. have a known good POA ecu from 95ex car and occompanying TCU, kick plate and can depin the vtec solenoid wire and loom it into existing harness as thats not a problem.

i know i need to repin knock sensor and O2 sensor if memory serves me (been a few years since i did F22 stuff)

there just doesnt seem to be much info on the automatic versions and believe me if he had 200 bucks wed be doing a 5 speed swap in a heartbeat and getting a retuned P28 and calling it a day

anything im missing here aside from a few minor things. can i use f22b intake on f22a1 motor and not have to deall with the nightmare of vaccuum lines and figuring out that whole schpeel? fuel feed and return lines are backwards between the 2 im aware of that as well and is another question, always just done straight across honda replacements or built from the ground up for a swap and never had to deal with auto trans