in need of VAFC

i'm actually Callidus but for some reason I can't log in under my own name, so i'm stuck on my friend's for now. anyways last night, i was at the school play for about 15 minutes when my friend 90accordh22 had to return the house keys to his parents around 9:25pm. we come out at about 9:45 to find my driver's side window smashed in, my entire cd player including the plastic box to put the face in missing, and my vtec controller disconnected and also gone. they tried ripping my tach off the side pillar but failed but not without ripping the pillar off the side and leaving my tach hanging by the cord. about 800 dollars in damage and theft.

so now i'm in need of a new VAFC and would appreciate any input on which one to buy, what price is a good range, and if anyone is selling one. i don't know necessarily if i would be able to buy one in the near future, cause i still owe my parents for the repair fees on my car to get it running a couple of weeks ago which add up to about $350. but i would appreciate any help on which one to keep a lookout for. i'll just have to see if i could get one soon, because i don't want to be without mine.


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Damn, fucking thieves suck. Good luck finding one, I just bought one off of ebay and it didn't come with the 2nd harness, <_< If you still have the original harness I'll buy it from you. Good luck though
actually i do have the harness that runs to my ecu. 90accordh22 will sell it to you. (i still can't figure out how to log in under my own name). it's his vtec controller anyways. but it's not VAFC, just the VC. it was really cool, i dont remember what brand it was but it had 4 buttons, and looked like this the star/circle thing could be reversed, i don't remember. but it was nice, and now my car runs wierd without it, since i have my redline set down to 6500 instead of 7200 on the single cam beast. so i had my vtec set up at 4000, kick in at 4500 and then take me to 6500. now i'm feeling lonely. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

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