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does anyone know where i can get an air bag module 4 cheap
(i would really appeciate it cause i've got this darn salvage inseption next week and i can't get the srs light to stay off since the old bags were deployed

if u can help thanx a million in advance :worthy:
a friend of mine has an old air bag from the driver side steering wheel of a 97 civic hatcback... i know he's been tryin to sell it but to be honest i dont know for how much so make an offer and i'll let him know
i got one out of my 95 civic. got the airbags and steering wheels and cruise buttons too if anyone's interested in them. Lemme know. L8z
pop out the light? yellow plug behind the cluster.. disconnect that and i believe the light will go out.
i have airbag as well... both driver and passenger... out of a 95 accord... have sensors as well... let me know if interested