In the search for manifolds. :)

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Ok. Well I just hopped onto this board. Very informative btw. :) Well I'm dropping in my b20 soon. And going to slap a t25 dsm turbo on it. Need to find a manifold to fit this. I dont really understand the differences in manifolds if they go by series engine, or by series turbo etc. So someone enlighten me, and give me some places to find a manifold. :)
get on ebay, and find a b series manifold....t he t25 is a garret charger just like the 18g's and shit all the mitsu shit, if you can get one of those manifolds, i bet there's tons of custom technical school shop welds on there, just don't get a t3 or t4 manifold
are you sure about the 18g shareing the t25 flange? I'm not sure...
what i do know is that the t25 won't bolt to a t3 or a t4 and so on. they are different