Injectors In General

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I've got a turbo B16 that currently puts out 222 whp. I want more power, but the 320cc injectors that came with my Greddy kit will not cut it. How big should I go if I'm looking for 260 whp? Can you go too big? Also, can somebody please explain high impedance/low impedance to me, and which type I should use. Thanks.
OK, could you explain the deal with high/low impedance, and which type I need?
impedance reffers to the electrical characteristcs of the injector.
a high impedance means that when powered up it has a relatively high effective resistance (usually about 10MOhms or greater)
a low impedance is just the opposite. it's effective reisitance is relatively low.
the impedance can be used to judge how much of a load is placed on the circuit that is running the injector.

as to what type you need I'm not sure. I'd have to read up on what electronics are ued to power each type.