Injectors part 2

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so before eg put a stop to the fun in the first injector thread i had a question..

if there is no voltage restriction it will cause the injectors to work at 100% right..
When an injector works at 100% what closes it, I though that would fri them.

just trying to understand injectors a little bit better
got this from some credible ford source:

An injector cannot operate "over peak duty cycle". Duty cycle is just a ratio between time injector is closed and open. It cannot go over it means that injector is constantly open.

so i guess it would just flow continuously then?
So the injectors are controlled by the ecu right?
And the can open like half way or a quater of the way, or are they always all the way open or all the way closed and the amout of fuel is controlled by maybe the fuel pressure regulator?
the FPR just controls the amount of fuel entering the rail, provided by the pump.. keeping a max fuel pressure depending on the vacuum supplied to it.
me versus OP of other thread.

yeah, looks like its either on or off. where duty cycle shows how fast they can go on and off.