Installed new engine harness... but

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New Member
So I installed my new harness on my '95 civic vx to try to solve the shitty wiring problem... the guy who I bought the civic from hella rigged the wiring from the ECU... but now i have a plug that hangs off the o2 sensor that looks like it doesn't belong, and i have nothing on the harness to connect it to. I'm still throwing a CEL that reads codes 12 and 48. The wires coming from my ECU look like a bunch of spaghetti noodles and doesn't look like I'd be able to repair it. Maybe a new dash harness? Any suggestions?
um look up a cell12 and 48 code! and if the cars wiring is messed I would get a new dash harness, aint to much but a little cash and your time! :)