Installing The "bitch Pin" (shift Linkage At Trann

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I went to install the shift linkage today on my Eg / GSR hybrid and the damn thing is about half-way in. I used the old pin I took out the Cx since it looked exactly like the new GSR one I bought and was NOT mushroomed from when I beat it out with the socket extension.
Anyhow, it's a little f**ked (mushroomed) from where I tried to beat it in. I'm probably going to remove it in the morning and if you guys have any tips install the new pin afterwards.

It was a "bitch" getting it out, but getting it back in seems to be a "whore"

I'm just hoping someone has done this enough times and maybe has a trick you can share


PS <> Will I ever have to remove this thing? Yeah, I'm sure if I blow the motor or the tranny gets ruined I'll have to remove the shift linkage. But, I've read where people have pulled the motor with the shift linkage attached. Should I just beat the damn thing in if worst comes to worst?
find a bolt laying around that is a little bigger than the pin (flat end not tapered)
tap the end of the pin in with a hammer (just so it stays)
put the bolt up against the pin and smack it in with the hammer

thats what worked for me .... good luck :)
Put the pin in a freezer overnight. When you install it, make sure the pin is COLD COLD COLD and it will be contracted enough to tap in easily.

This worked for me. Otherwise, I just beat the living shinola out of it, and never had a problem after my shoulder quit hurting ;)
Use a bolt from the a/c compressor. It has a tapered end and fits into the pin just right. Like it was made to remove and install that pin.
i use a 1/4" rolled-pin punch... is has a little nipple on the end that centers itself in the pin, and it really makes things easier
i used the 14mm bolt that holds together your exhaust to punch it out. its the bolt on the exhaust that has a spring on it. its the perfect size for the pin. as far as getting it in, wd40 worked pretty good.
The pin is easy to take out. go to SEAR and purchase yourself a punch which cause around $4.94 and that should do it.