Intake Question

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I have a 94 DX hb. I want to get the AEM cold air intake for it, but i am wondering, cuz i am planning to swap probably gsr motor later on and probably upgrade to skunk2 intake manifold. I wanna know if the intake still fits if i should replace those things, or i have to buy another Intake. Sorry i am new at this.. i hope someone can answer my question.
yea, first things first, get the motor, then think about the other shit like header, intake, etc....
but i stil wanna know if i buy it rite now, will it fit later on if i should swap motor or upgrading intake manifold?? thanks !
what i would do right now is just buy a K&N cone filter, then go to, they have a little how to make your own cold air intake. Instead of doing all that work for something that will not fit your when your done, just do a short ram air intake. It will give you a little power, sound great, and will probally work on your car at any given time (where every you are in your swapping schedule) Then when you have everything finished and the way you want it, go out and buy a real CAI from what ever company and then for sure it will fit.
i'm using a 96-00 civic ex AEM intake on my 94 CX . . . its possible . . . i think the 99-00 civic Si would be the best intake for you to get, should work for both setups.