Integra Seats Do Not Fit In Del Sols

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Senior Member
I just spent the last 4 hours trying to get my gsr seats to fit into my del sol. The biggest problem is that the gsr seats are about 1 inch wider than del sol seats where the mounting brackets bolt onto the seat. Does anyone know something I am missing? Anyone ever got it to fit into a del sol without:

1: welding the seats to the far, or

2: drilling new holes in the mounting brackets?

Any input would be wonderful. I would prefer to not have to buy del sol seats off ebay, considering I have a flawless set of GSR cloth seats sitting around.
yah well sort of. I measured the seat where the rails connect on to, and the seat part is about an inch wider. the rails are identical except for one of the rear bolt holes is at an angle instead of being flat.