intercooler clearence

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well, what do i have for space? Im getting a front mount, but i dont know if my oem bumper will give me enough room.

if not, that means i need to get a kit front.

what do you guys thing of this front end?

yea he's got the whole is300/altezza front end conversion. i think he just put a lip at the bottom of the stock bumper.
well WTF- it looked like a clean not to crazy front bumper... lol
there goes that idea then....
Brian- just hollow out your current bumper, powder coat or anodize the intercooler black, then go back to stock wheels...
i dont want it...
too much of an extra hassel... im getting a front mount.

besides, they look cooler :riceboy:
Losers :)

B, a pretty damn large SMIC will fit the front of a civic or Del Sol without cutting much, if any, of your front bumper away. Leave the bumper rebar in there, and the intercoolers usually mount to that tucking up just below it.

I've seen 24x10x3 intercoolers with a stock bumper, barely shaved. Looks awesome.

[rant]And why's everyone hating on water/air intercolers all of a sudden?![/rant]
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Oct 9 2002, 11:28 PM
paint holds in heat. not happeneing

I said powder coat or anodize, not paint- that way you still have excellent thermal conductivity to dump the heat from your intake charge, and you still look stock.

Originally posted by SiR Kid@Oct 13 2002, 10:00 AM
[rant]And why's everyone hating on water/air intercolers all of a sudden?![/rant]

no ranting man... i jsut think after all these years of wanting to go turbo, and having a front mount was part of the dream :)

call me a rice boy-- but even if the air/water cools better, i still want the air/air front mount.

remember, i live in NE, so summers are hot and all, but nothing like texas.

Calesta- I'm not paitining it, nor do i care if i look stock or not-- cuz frankly, IMO, my car looks far from stock already...